Electrometric Materials, Synthetic Elastomers, Metal Claded Oil Seals, Metal Inserted Oil Seals, Lip Seals, U Seals, V Seals, Metal Bonded Seals, Safety Equipment, Gas Masks, Respirators, Belts, Goggles, Tubes, Mumbai, India


ELECTROMETRIC MATERIALS  All our components are manufactured from high quality synthetic elastomers. The selection of an elastomer is done by considering very specific requirements of  the customer.
VH Processes the following eight types of Elastomers :
1) Nitrile Buna N NBR Elastomers
2) Chloroprene Neoprene CR Elastomers
3) Ethylene Propylene - EPDM / EPR Elastomers
4) Butyl - IIR Elastomers
5) Fluorocarbon Viton FPM Elastomers
6) Polyacrylate - ACIM Elastomers
7) Silicone - VMQ Elastomers
8) Styrene Butadine - SBR Elastomers
Oil Seals - Metal claded and Metal inserted.
Gaskets - With or without reinforcement as  per ANSI, DIN, BS & IS Standards.
O Rings.
Lip Seals - U Seals, V Seals, Metal Bonded Seals.
Safety Equipment - Gas Masks, Respirators, Belts,  Goggles and Tubes.
Mountings, Pads, Anti - vibrators, Cushions etc.
Rollers for Paper, Photocopiers, Textiles Processing  and Chemical Industries.
Neoprene / EPDM Rubber Lining in Vessels, Spool, TEE, Elbow, Bend, all types of Valves etc.